Strategic support and development
Evidence based strategy development lies at the core of our work with local authorities, partnership bodies, regional development agencies and regional and national cultural policy and funding bodies.

In Milton Keynes and South Midlands, an area facing substantial growth in population as part of Government's growth and sustainable communities proposals, DPA drafted and oversaw the publication of the first nationally available advice aimed at developers and local delivery bodies in growth areas.

In East London's Olympic zone, DPA developed a research programme which identified priorities - building festival and presenting capacity: East Bank, the legacy potential of a new cultural destination for London based on the Olympic Park - which were adopted by the E&SE London host boroughs in 2004 and which give continued strategic direction in the preparation period for 2012.
DPA produced the living spaces guidance on Sustainable Communities in the Milton Keynes and South Midlands Growth Area in order to allow for a Ministerial Launch. The timely delivery of the project, and the successful launch, greatly increased the credibility of the cultural agenda in the eyes of the inter regional board and growth area partners.
Charles Freeman. Director, Culture South East
Strategic support and development
Project development
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