Cultural buildings help make places work
DPA works with cultural agencies, arts organisations and local and regional authorities to identify what kinds of arts and cultural facilities are needed. Hard won cultural investment must be used to the best long term benefit of the communities, artists and creative businesses in the city.

From 1998-2010, DPA worked with Derby City Council, Arts Council England, regional investors and local partners reviewing the city's major cultural facilities, developing arts and capital strategies and delivering QUAD, the visual arts centre and cinema, which opened in 2008. Public investment was secured against increased employment, visitor spend, cultural participation and a higher profile for Derby and the regeneration of its city centre. In the first three years of opening QUAD has exceeded all of its performance targets and has helped reinvigorate Derby’s city centre, attracting audiences and critical praise on an international basis.

DPA's artistic and technical team delivered the vision, programme models and design brief for BALTIC (1994-1998) the art factory and gallery which catalysed regeneration across the whole Newcastle Gateshead Quayside project; and East London’s successful arts and education venue, STRATFORD CIRCUS.

For other projects we led or contributed to, from BRIGHTON DOME to HOXTON HALL, see Clients and projects.


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Cultural buildings help make places work
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